Sustainable Energy & Housing

A team at the service of architecture, energy efficiency, sustainability and environmental protection in industrialized building construction.

SEH has developed a fast and efficient construction system. With architectural solutions where net zero energy consumption is one of the main priorities. Buildings where the efficiency in the construction processes satisfies any construction need the client may demand.

Why we do it

The Environment and Sustainability

Our planet needs sustainable construction projects which produce the least possible impact on our environment.

  • Materials

    Our materials come from reuse and recycling processes. We avoid the waste of scarce resources, thus reducing environmental impact. We only use materials which enable our buildings to be “Nearly Zero Energy Building”. .

  • Energy

    We provide our buildings with energy generation systems from natural resources, thus helping to reduce CO2 emissions to the atmosphere.

  • Commitment

    Our SEH Construction System is the result of an irrevocable commitment to the rational development of building construction projects with regard to the use of raw materials, resources and energy.

  • Sustainability

    We offer an industrialized dry construction system, with net zero water consumption, with metal structure and multilayer enclosure walls. We include reusable or recyclable materials at the end of their life cycle.

How we do it

Engineering of the SEH Construction System

An industrialized construction system mainly characterized by its metal structure, made up of structural components which are standard in the hot laminated steel market and multilayer enclosure walls.

The SEH Construction System is constructed in factories to a large extent. We create projects of high technical quality and high quality finishes with very short construction times.

  • Civil Work

    We start the implementation of the system with the foundation, carried out with the anchoring parts made of hot laminated steel developed by SEH, which make it possible to join the steel structure of the building to the foundation.

  • Industrialized Manufacturing

    The industrialized unit for each building to be constructed with the SEH construction system is almost finished in the factory, leaving the assembly work, connection finishes and facades to be done on the site.

  • Transportation and Installation

    The industrialized unit of the SEH Construction System is tested in the factory and then covered with tarpaulins to protect it from bad weather conditions during transportation to the building site.

  • Completion

    The final work, to be carried out on the building site, basically comprises finishing the facade so as to give it appropriate continuity, as well as closing the joints, plastering the interior and finishing the floors.

What we do

  • Single family Home

    The characteristics of the SEH Construction System enable the client to design their dream house with regard to architecture, sustainability and manufacturing quality and finishes. All in a very short period of time.

  • Storey Buildings

    The high performance of the metal structure and joints of the SEH Construction System makes it possible to construct Storey Buildings of up to 10 floors in their standard configuration.

  • Building Enlargement

    The greater lightness of the SEH Construction System when compared to traditional solutions, as well as the zero impact both in activities in the street as well as in those carried out in the building to be enlarged, make the SEH Construction System an ideal solution for this type of construction projects.


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